Set Research 2

The Chapel

The prologue
Audience in the second level and action first floor
SONG: Ballad of Mac the Knife (Ballad Singer)
During the song actors downstairs will be moving different flat objects (photocopy and stencil style) see research.

Scene 1
Audience in the second level action in both levels
SONG: Morning Hymn (Peachum)
Banners will come down vertically from both sides of Peachum, framing the space.
Cut-outs of the 5 kinds of misery will be behind Peachum; meanwhile action can happen downstairs with beggars utilizing different props (crouches, carts, etc) to create two planes of action.
Scene 1.b
Audience in the second level action in the same level
SONG: No they can’t OR KIDS TODAY? (Mr. and Mrs. Peachum)
A miniature silhouette of a city-scape with a movable moon and couple will be place on front of the cut-outs.

Scene 2
Audience in the first floor and action in the same level
SONG: Wedding Song for the Less Well-Off (The gang, “four men”)
The objects for the wedding are brought up, they are 2D images in 3D boxes here aesthetically I am thinking in two possible directions: shadow lantern style or black and white photocopies.

scene 1

Scene 2.d

Audience in the first floor and action in the same level

SONG: Pirate Jenny (Polly)
The song is animated

through use of overheads or shadows, silhouettes see Kara Walker research bellow for style.

Scene 2.e
Audience in the first floor and action in the same level

SONG: The Cannon Song (Mac and Brown)
Scene 2.f
Audience in the first floor and action in the same level
SONG: Love Song
Re –use of miniature silhouette of a city-sca
pe with a movable moon and couple.
Polly might enter with a suitcase (where she will have a full size doll/puppet for next song). Two banners might come down in two sides of the downstairs stage to establish Peachum house.

Scene 3:
SONG: Barbara Song (Polly)
Suitcase for doll/puppet of the perfect man.

Scene 3.c Beggars exit (page 30)
SONG: First Three penny Finale: Concerning the Insecurity of the Human Condition
(Peachum, Mrs. Peachum, Polly)

Zelnic Pavilion for intermission
Scene 4: “Thursday afternoon: Mac the Knife takes leave of his wife and flees from his father-in-law to the heaths of High gate” (page 35)

The stable
Projections of same objects from boxes, plus an addition of other elements previously seen: the city-scape the boat of pirate Jenny around the audience in the glass of the pavilion.
92 theater
Scene 4.b enter the gang (page 37)

Scene 4.c exit the gang (page 39)
SONG: Polly’s song (Polly)
Act II
Scene 5
The whorehouse

Scene 6
The cells in the Old Bailey.
A cage.

Scene 6.f Brown, Peachum (page 53)

Scene 6.g Mac and Low-Dive Jenny step before the curtain
SONG: Second Threepenny Finale What Keeps Mankind Alive? (Mac and Jenny)

Scene 7.b exit Mrs. Peachum and beggars, enter Brown, Smith and Constables (page 60)
SONG: The Song of Insufficiency (Mr. Peachum)

Scene 8: “Property in Dispute” (page 66)
A young girl’s room in the Old Baile

Socrates song: flash paper bird. (If this is the place)

Scene 9: “Friday morning. 5am.

Death cell

SONG: Call from the Grave

Scene 9.b enter Jake, Matthew (page 70)

SONG: Ballad in which Macheath Begs All Men for Forgiveness

Scene 9.f Procession to the gallows, Peachum’s soliloquy

Scene 9.g Deus Ex Machina
SONG: Third Threepenny Finale

SONG: Ballad of Mac the Knife Ballad Singer, Chorus)

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