Leslie’s Research

(Titles and dates of all works below can be seen in the media library.)

A Pimp’s Tango: Two Grosz works that suggest the relationship of Mackie and Jenny. More George Grosz research can be see on the Costume Concept and the Color Pages.

Early Revolutionary Russian propaganda.

I like this modern take on a woodcut.

I like the use of patterns, and will use some of this in the painted clothes.

JOHNATHAN BOROFSKY: Paintings Drawing and Installations 1975-2004

For the Beggar’s March: If we can’t get the feet to work maybe anonymous shilouette cutouts manipulated by students would work. These were motorized. Could we incorporate photos like the Salgado below which would either be projected or on video. Please see my background tapes from the Edgar Allen Poe: “Man of the Crowd.”

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