First Production Meeting: minutes

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Production Meeting 9/09

– Lots of information is on our fabulous blog:


Leslie began by discussing the inspiration of the design concepts for the costumes

-The play takes place in the Weimar Republic

-We want to maintain the spirit of drawing in the design

-George Grosz notion- appliqué, drawing embellishment to place body parts on slip for prostitute

-looking for certain color palettes

-color has a big influence of mood, changed the degree of value of the colors to become more tragic, less happy

– We are working with the concept of renewable theatre, playing with recycling, make theatre from what we have

-blue blouses were a symbol of workers in Europe

-our gang jackets will be constructed from blue jeans (symbol of workers in America)

-Mackie will be in recycled suits

-Polly will look like the Madonna in her wedding dress to represent that Mackie views her as this archetype of women

-We are not moving forward with the costume designs until we have cast because we want to work with physicalities of specific people

-Additionally, take a look at The Quilts of Gee’s Bend, women made those quilts out of recycled clothing.


Marcela then discussed her design aesthetic for the set

-also looked at German expressionism

-liked the layering within paintings

-wants to create the sense of layering and graphic possibilities in the set

-working with mostly cardboard- flats become three dimensional

– wants to play with the three dimensionality of the architecture of the space we are using in terms of how the space will interact with the 2D elements we will have on the set (stencils, graffiti etc)

-The set encompasses the Chapel, the Zelnick Pavilion, and the ‘92

– a challenge we face is that we cannot fully transform the Chapel because it is in use regularly, so how can we still change the way we and the audience view the Chapel?

– There will be theatrical moments using puppets, boxes, and other elements, and by doing so we are involving more people in the creative process, more voices

-One example of such a moment is the prologue- the audience will be on the top of the chapel, looking down at the action, there will likely be large, flat, black and white puppets

-The audience will come down to the same level as the action for the wedding party

-we will potentially use shadow box lanterns for this scene

-In general we might create a moment of miniature in the play where the actors would manipulate small figures

-We would like to create the silhouette of the cityscape for the love song

-maybe the moon could be lit outside of the Chapel?

-We will use the ’92 tennis court style, with the audience on either side and the action in the middle

-Design choices will also need to take into consideration what is acoustically best for the orchestra

-Cardboard (see-through) screens will be used to transform the space from one setting to the next

-There will also be fixed places for street lamps in the space

Ideas for the Beggars March:

-Leslie talked about Jonathan Borofsky

-In 1983 he had an installation in Germany, which consisted of huge anonymous figures

-We may try to recreate the same for the Beggar’s march using both figures and the shadows they cast

-The figures could also be used as projection surfaces

-want to create the experience that the beggars are walking toward the audience

-moving from the abstracted to the real

-photographs/projections will help with the real

-focusing on specific body parts (hands and feet)

-Carter, Spencer, and Claire will contribute and collaborate a great deal with regards to the puppets and animation in various scenes


-hopefully we will finish casting by Saturday

-Miriam will send out an e-mail about attending the read-through once the location has been confirmed

-Everyone is welcome at our first rehearsal in the Chapel. Miriam will also e-mail about that

-Feel free to come to any rehearsal you want throughout the process, just e-mail Miriam a heads-up in advance

-Miriam will be sending out daily rehearsal reports and posting them on the blog for those who would prefer to read them there

-We are having tech rehearsals on Tuesday 11/25 (the Tuesday before Thanksgiving) and Sunday 11/30 (the Sunday after Thanksgiving). These rehearsals are non-negotiable, please plan accordingly.

-Jack posted the production calendar on the blog, make sure to check it for important dates

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