Costumes (Scene 8

LUCY’s ROOM:  Polly and Lucy


Lucy is pregnant with a sofa cushion which must be able to be taken out on stage.  I need to clarify the color and fabric for this costume.  I want to see what we have.  Stretch would be nice.  Colors might be pinks (hot) browns and oranges. There is a tie on the shoulder and under the bust which gathers the bodice.  As requested these are noisy platforms, but it seems we are getting away from the no special shoes ( except for Mackie) rule Her hair should be a statement…reddish bleached out tips/ like a fire.

Are there patent leather (reference Mackie’s shoes) character shoes…I’m beginning to think of shoes for everyone.  Stop me before I have everyone in 6″ fetish pumps….

Her vest should be very nicely shaped.  I don’t like the idea of stripes.  The vest is fitted and may be worn without a blouse or could be worn open with a camisole type blouse.  Her skirt is somewhat pegged and has a mid-thigh slit.

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