Costumes (Scene 1)


Mrs. P is waking up after a bad night…hair messy, stockings falling down. lots of tacky detail, but all shoes are really just practical for dancing and moving.

Her shilouette should be short and wide ( shoes shown are probably too high). But her limbs should apprear out of proportion to the width of her hem…thin arms and legs, very tight flat bodice. Dress is sleeveless; shrug is lace.

I think she should always carry a huge pocketbook with all kinds of costuming magic inside.

Mr P has a padded belly. He wears layers of clothes c ause he won’t turn up the heat. For outside he has a wool shawl in browns, red, greens, and mustard.

Filch is a lot of rich, old big clothes.  He/she needs a hat.

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