Costumes (Scene 5)


My apologies to the whores…I didn’t have their photos. Unfortunately there is something sooo right about it being a drawing of only their bodies.

The whores are wearing simple shifts. The color of the dress should be as close as possible to their skin color. The color of the dress should be as uniform as possible so as not to make an unreadable mess. The Lines of the drawings should be machine embroidery.  The prostitutes should have zippers.  Short sleeves.

Claudia wants some connection to Jenny.  I don’t think this is right.

Smith and the Policemen:

Please let us know ASAP when a working version needs to be ready for rehearsals. WE NEED A WEEK’S LEAD TIME. There are 2 versions…what do you think?

Puppets are mounted on backpack with bamboo support. Can Jake wear platforms? We’ll need to pad Jake. Puppet heads are paper mache. Hats are also 3D. Photo needed with costume and make-up to complete. Not needed for rehearsal purposes.

Christian: we also need to make a hand puppet; and Claudia wants more size contrast between the front and back phalanxes of the cop flag puppets. Let’s talk about how to do that since the heads are already made.

Claudia likes the 2nd version…what do you think?

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