Costume Issues

(after reading Feingold translation)

Are we cutting Miseries?

Does Mackie’s cane need a sword in it?

Scene 1-3: does Polly need a coat, hat and suitcase?

Scene 1-3-4: stumps: are we doing this scene?; who is this beggar?

Scene 2-2-5: Policemen: who and how many? Who is Smith?

Scene 2-3:  6 Policemen?

Scene 3-1-1:  Beggars making preparations: who?  we had said WES students make horrible beggars.

Other costumes still to be deceided:  Smith (aka Lockit), Filch, and Rev Kimball ( a Protestant!!!!)

2 Responses to “Costume Issues”

  1. cnascimento says:

    I don’t have an answer to all questions, but:
    We are not cutting the miseries, but working with Claire to see how they fit in the scene.
    I think Polly does need a hat, coat, and suitcase. Marcela has some idea for her suitcase.
    I don’t think Mackie needs a sword in his cane.
    Stumps are part of the props
    I think we should have at least 2-3 policemen
    Jake will play the Smith–he and I made this decision last night.
    Beggars making preparations: I’d like to use shadow and silhouettes, especially if we are using the scrim on stage.

  2. lweinberg says:

    All good.
    BTW I received a notification that you commented!!!! I’m not sure what’s up with this. I wrote Dan and should know more clearly how to make this work more reliably.

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