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I really like the image for the beggar’s march, the one you suggest an alternative for “the feet”. But I think they could be more effective in a projection, maybe even without a clear direction but popping in the room; maybe we could use both these guys (without direction) and the feet (with direction)?

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  1. jkavett says:

    i think the grosz/weimar direction will look awesome, and i particularly like the whorehouse and peachum ideas. i think the makeup on mack and polly is wonderful too. i am just wondering about the denim suits for the gang – just a question (and you definitely know better than i do!), but is there a risk that, by combining the blue jumpsuits of european workers (never a dignified get-up) with american denim (which in contrast can also look really cool and to me is associated with youth as well as labor), some part of the intended connotation is lost or confused? also, are we presenting the gang as regular members of the working class? i also see positive aspects to this idea, i just want to ask how we can make sure that the denim outfits signify the class position that we want while keeping them in line with the rest of the weimar expressionist aesthetic.

  2. jkavett says:

    this links to a collection of media posters for productions of the show in germany, england, and the us. there is also a production history for europe and the us on this site:

  3. lweinberg says:


    I’m going to have the costume shop work up some of the fabric out of the used denim. Then we can assess what it looks like. I expect it to look like a canvas with rummy blue paint…reminiscent of watercolor as in Grosz’s drawings.

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